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It is always very rewarding when I am asked to get involved with community projects and even more so when it is with our youngsters.

 As part of the ‘Seafood in Schools’ programme which is organised by Seafood Scotland, I was asked to take 40 school children from Aberdeen, on a tour, which would give them a real inside view of the day to day workings of Peterhead port. The added bonus to their day, was a close up view of my own Trawler Amity, as she was to in dry dock for some annual maintenance


The visit was part of a project, which aims to educate and provide a greater understanding around the seafood chain - from ‘sea to plate’. First stop was a fish processor to see the fish being filleted and along the way they were treated to seeing a fishing net being made and repaired. Next was a close up view of my pride and joy, The Amity in its dry dock. No visit to Peterhead port would be complete without stopping at 'port control'. This is a very important aspect of running the port and is where vessel traffic is monitored and controlled.  Afterwards the kids enjoyed a lunch of delicious, freshly cooked fish and chips, served up in the local Fishermen's Mission. The Mission is a charitable organisation run for fisher folks in need.

 I see the importance of investing my time, in the next generation, for a number of reasons. Our youngsters are our future customers and they need to understand the importance of sustainable fisheries and that we believe in them passionately. Education on healthy eating is vital and as seafood is a very healthy, natural  food, it should be enjoyed regularly, in every form. It really is the ultimate fast food and right here, fresh, on their doorstep.

 It was a really enjoyable day, although tiring. |As you can imagine, you are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of lots of children. Torry Academy and Tullos Primary, along with the teachers and assistants, all did themselves proud. They certainly left Peterhead with a clearer understanding of just what happens to the fish once it lands at the port and all of the processes that take place, before they see that lovely fish fillet on their plate.

 As the summer season kicks off, no doubt, I will be seeing some of you out and about around the northeast, as I get involved in other promotional events. I will keep you all updated.


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