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It's the countdown now, just 6 days to the launch of Skipper's Choice

It's the countdown now, just 6 days  to the launch of Skipper's Choice, where I will  share my passion and deliver top quality, wild caught, sustainably sourced, seasonal seafood to fish lovers everywhere.

After many months of planning and preparation we are just about ready to start supplying the UK with the finest Scottish Seafood  delivered direct.

We  have  a very busy week ahead as we are launching our new venture at the Dorset Seafood Festival at Weymouth.

Getting the fish prepped and ready for smoking is the focus of today.

6 different flavours from plain hot smoked Salmon to more exotic flavour of Teriyaki.

Next is the mackerel and herring fillets. 

No time to slack. Lots to organise and ship to the south coast.

We would love to see you  in Weymouth, at the Seafood Festival, so try and plan a  visit on either 11th or 12th July . You won't be  disappointed and will experience a true eating experience with all things fishy.

  • Reegan says...

    Stay with this guys, you’re henlipg a lot of people.

    On Jul 26, 2016

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