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Dorset Seafood Festival and launch day for Skipper's Choice tomorrow

We have arrived in Weymouth to set up our stand for this weekend’s Dorset Seafood Festival and the launch of our exciting new online venture Skipper's Choice. It has been a long trip and we have clocked up over 626 miles from Peterhead with our precious cargo of delicious smoked fish. Our hot smoked salmon is stunning to look at and to taste. And, with more than 5 generations of secrets in the smoking process, we are keeping these close to our chest, of course.
The smoked mackerel looks golden and succulent and is vacuum packed ready for sale.
For a different taste experience we have smoked some sea bass and lemon sole - I have a feeling this is going to be very popular, over the weekend.
Our stand is being set up around us and I am in a briefing with my Chef Graham, as we pay particular attention to health and safety and other food standard guidelines.
I am learning fast that we live in a world of compliance rules and regs in all walks of life.

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