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Autumn is closing in...............

Looking at the weather forecast this week the pressure  chart resembles a chart more akin to the winter months rather than a late summer weather chart.

With Low pressure anchored off Denmark drawing in cold raw northerly winds which will hinder fishing activity this week as as the smaller vessel shelter in port. Skippers will be continually updating weather charts looking for the next window of opportunity. Luckily we have larger vessels who fish further afield still supplying the market which keeps us supplied with fresh fish daily. 

Quality and yield from the fish is excellent this month fish have fattened up during the summer which gives fresh fish great flavours and taste.

Our fishermen will be harvesting catches and watching markets to land catches maximising  returns on catches. This gives me a wide range of fresh fish to select from giving you the customer top quality products that will give you a whole new eating experience in Seafood.

Haddock remains our best seller with Mackerel and Cod close runner up. Fresh and hot smoked Salmon also popular choice. I hope to introduce new species and ideas in the near future with occasional specials which I will alert all my customers when this come online. I have updated a list new extra products that can be added to box selections. I hope they interest you. 

Monk fish can be supplied by special request see attached picture 

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