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Skipper all at Sea

I was back at sea onboard Amity 11 testing my skills and experience. It's like going a bike, once you learn you never forget - perhaps a little wobbly for a start but I was soon back into the mind set quickly 

Fishing has been steady with a mixed catch coming onboard. 

Early in the trip there was plenty of fish to catch. The picture shows a 1 ton catch of Cod - Haddock - Whiting with only a small amount of Langoustine . 

I made an early landing on Thursday last week getting the fish to market quickly and in pristine condition. 

Some of the catch was on its way to customers hours after it was landed.  A landing back at Peterhead early next week will help keep supplies to Skippers Choice aplenty. 


  • Tyanne says...

    You’ve imspesred us all with that posting!

    On Jul 26, 2016

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