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Fast (Fish) Food

The holidays are a busy time of year, and a lot of people associate Christmas with hours in a kitchen. Well, fish doesn't need to be complicated. If you've got great tasting produce all you need is a couple of ingredients and less than ten minutes - real fast food!

Peel before cooking. Dust in seasoned flour and pan fry in a light oil for a few minutes. Add a knob of butter for the last minute to add flavour and glaze.

For some added warmth just add chilli flakes & a squeeze of lime, or a dash of coconut milk.

Fish Burgers
Shallow fry or grill for 3 to 4 minutes on each side and serve on a bed of rocket with a side salad. Our fish burgers are a delicious mix of haddock, smoked haddock, cheese & mustard. 

Seafood Stock
A wee bit longer to make but it's so easy and will give you great stock to use for a delicious bisque.

Add any leftover shells and unused scraps into a deep pot along with some chopped vegetables (ie celery, carrots, leeks) and seasoning. Add water, bring to the boil, skim then reduce the heat to simmer. After about 20 minutes, strain the stock and cool to use later.

For more seafood recipes please have a look at our recipe collection.

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