Passion for quality seafood lies behind Skipper’s Choice brand

Provenance is key with every quality fish box delivery

Skipper’s Choice is the brainchild of Jimmy Buchan, a trawler skipper with more than 40 years’ experience of fishing the Scottish waters off his native Peterhead in Aberdeenshire.

Jimmy is passionate about the quality and rich variety of the Scottish catch and launched Skipper’s Choice to share that passion and deliver top quality, wild caught*, sustainably sourced, seasonal seafood to fish lovers everywhere. 

What makes Skipper’s Choice different from any other fish box scheme is Jimmy’s unrivalled experience and his hands-on approach: he and his hand-picked team choose every single item included in every single fish box, and for him provenance is key.

Some of the Skipper’s Choice selection is harvested by his own trawler, the Amity II, and the rest is sourced from fellow skippers. They are some of the most skilled fishermen in Europe, personal friends Jimmy has known for years and who share his vision. The fish they land today is selected, processed, packed and dispatched today for guaranteed overnight delivery tomorrow.

Being based in Peterhead — Europe’s biggest white fish port — gives Skipper’s Choice another significant advantage. The quality of the catch landed there is not only consistently high but the onshore processing facilities are second to none. Jimmy’s partners can call on five generations of processing and fish smoking knowledge, ensuring that every piece of seafood is prepared by real experts.

Each Skipper’s Choice fish box represents years of experience and a true understanding of fishing and seafood — the patterns, the seasons, and the species that can be harvested sustainably and shared in a chain of custody you can follow direct from sea to plate and from shore to door. Take a look at our fish box options here.

*The only fish not wild caught is the Skipper’s Choice salmon. Everyone enjoys great salmon, but wild salmon is prohibitively expensive and in short supply. Jimmy  therefore sources his Skipper’s Choice fillets from carefully selected freedom salmon farms on the West Coast of Scotland.

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