Here’s how the Skipper’s Choice fish box system works...

Quality seafood from our shore to your door in four really easy steps!

Choosing your Skipper’s Choice quality fresh Scottish seafood couldn’t be easier — here’s how we get it from our shore to your door within 24 hours** of your order being dispatched.

Skippers Choice - How it works - getting fresh fish to you in four simple steps

Step 1: You select the box that’s the right size for you from our six Skipper’s Choice fish box options.

Step 2: You either pay for your box online right away, adding in any optional extras you want, or call us first to discuss what you want in your box.

Step 3: The Skipper and his team select your seafood and then our experienced processors prepare and vacuum pack your order before dispatching it direct to you.

Step 4: Your sealed chill box is delivered to your door. Now the choice is yours — freeze everything in your box immediately, or freeze most of your order but pop something mouth-watering in the fridge for tonight!

**24 hour delivery can only be fulfilled on orders placed before 10am, Tuesday to Thursday.

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Here's what our customers have to say:

"Excellently packaged, everything individually vacuum packed. I have frozen everything. From the order we have tried the Cod, we were really pleased with the quality, very fresh and wonderful texture...the quality is fantastic, and competitively priced." 

"1st class fish - so fresh and delivery was excellent. Perfect for filling your freezer."

"Outstanding. The quality of the items and the time and care that was put into cleaning/fillet the fish next to none. Very very tasty! "



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